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John & Lorri visit the Fun Fair

April 2nd, 2011 No comments

Visited the small fun fair in Blackpool today. It could’ve been taken straight out if Fr. Ted.

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What the Irish Bank Bailout Money could Fund

April 1st, 2011 1 comment

I hear today that the Irish Banks now require over €70 billion of Irish Tax payers money to pay of their gambling debts. How nice of their buddies the politicians to volunteer my money to pay it. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Irish banks were private companies. Why are they getting public money? Another private business would simply fold.

The first 2 minutes of this video sums up really well what else we could be doing with that money. Including sending half a million Irish people into Space. I know my girlfriend would love that.

This is why I’m moving to Canada next month. I’d rather pay tax in a country where my money goes to universal healthcare.


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Small Apartment with 24 Rooms

February 14th, 2011 1 comment

I spent a lot of last week looking at apartments in Mississauga with Zeenia Kola. They were all in high rise apartment blocks so they were pretty small for the pricey, in comparison to Cork.

I was looking into ways of maximising space and came across this fantastic video on what one guy in Hong Kong has done. It’s very impressive.

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The Irish Accent is the Sexiest in the World (Official)

February 9th, 2011 No comments

I was out in Canada this weekend for a few drinks and the accent definitely attracts attention. Little did I know that the Irish accent is officially the sexiest accent in the world.

I guess men probably find the Irish female accent sexy as well. I might have to keep an eye on Lorri when we move to Canada.


“There was a time when a Frenchman only had to order a pint of beer and women would collapse at his feet with desire. Well those days, they are, ‘ow you say, fini!

The Irish accent was yesterday voted the world’s sexiest – knocking the Gauls off the top spot they’ve held for decades.

Men with an Emerald Isle brogue, as promoted by stars like Colin Farrell and James Nesbitt, came top in a poll of 5,000 women worldwide.”

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Sparta vs Techo Viking

February 2nd, 2011 No comments

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Trip into Toronto

February 2nd, 2011 No comments

There was a snow day in work today so I took the opportunity to head into Toronto. I didn’t feel comfortable driving in the snow so I took public transport. Which might not have been the best idea. The bus ended up getting stuck in the snow the next stop after mine. We had to get off and get onto another bus which crashed into a snow bank. The third bus I got was to the train station so I took the train into Toronto after that.

Looking at the roads as I was passing they didn’t look to bad. Reading the paper on the train I realised why.

  • 600 snow ploughs are clearing snow
  • 5,500km is the size of the roads they have to clear
  • 4 hours is all it takes to clear them main roads
  • 300 clearing machines are dedicated to sidewalks
  • 1600 people are employed to clear the snow

Once in Toronto it was pretty cold. But I discovered that nearly every building is linked underground by an HUGE underground system (28km long). So they have 28km of shops and business underground. Amazing. It’s called path.

When the nuclear winter comes I know where I’d like to be living.

Here are some pics I took yesterday and today.

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They cut my beard and forced me to eat it

February 2nd, 2011 No comments

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More Icelandic Bankers Arrested

January 25th, 2011 No comments

Why aren’t we doing this?

“Iceland’s special prosecutor into the banking crisis has confirmed that raids have taken place today and that arrests have been made. The Central Bank of Iceland is among the institutions under investigation.

Special Prosecutor, Olafur Thor Hauksson told that house searches are taking place in at least three places today as part of investigations into the central bank, MP Bank and Straumur Bank.”

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DUP website hacked and translated into Irish

January 14th, 2011 No comments

This is funny. The hard-line loyalist party founded by Ian Paisley was hacked recently by “Hector O’Hackatdawn” and translated into Irish. On one, Peter Robinson was shown introducing himself in the language.

“Is mise Peadar Robinson agus tugaim tacaíocht don Acht na Gaelige” is translated as “I am Peter Robinson and I support an Irish Language Act”.

My favourite DUP story was during the last election in the North. They used a stock photo that they got off the internet for their billboard ads asking people to vote for them instead of the Conservative Unionist Party. The Conservative party realised this and got a different picture of the same woman and used it for their ads with the line “Actually…on second thought…”. Classic!

Streaker Fail

January 11th, 2011 No comments

Streaker doesn’t quite get it right. Hilarious Video.

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