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Running VMware SSO Scripts on SQL Express 2008 with no Management Studio

October 4th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was upgrading from vCenter 5.0 to vCenter 5.1 in my test environment today. One of the pre-requisites was to install SSO. I didn’t want to install a second DB for it so I decided I’d use the vCenter Database installed with vCenter 5.0.

During the install it asked me for the sa password of the vCenter DB. I don’t know what it is because vCenter installed it all automatically. So I chose the second option which asked me to use an existing supported database. The problem here is that I has to run some scripts. Well I tried to install SQL Management Studio for SQL2008 and it turns out that you can’t! You can only install Management Studio when you are first installing the DB. That means now I have to run the scripts using the command line which I’ve not done before.

Okay, so how did I do it? Well it’s not difficult when you know how.

  • Copy the .sql script called SetupTablespaces.sql from the MSSQL directory on the vCenter CD. I copied it to C:\SSODB\
  • Edit it using Wordpad or something and change the directory called CHANGE_ME to the directory you want to use to store the database. Again I am going to use E:\SSODB
  • Run this command

    sqlcmd -S YOUR_SERVER_NAME\VIM_SQLEXP -i E:\SSODB\rsaIMSLiteMSSQLSetupTablespaces.sql

  • Then you should see some RSA files have been created in the SSODB directory
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